CH9 Events

2. Login with your Microsoft Account

In Windows 8, open the Settings charm by swiping in from the right and picking settings or by hitting (Windows logo key‌ +I) and then picking Account. On all other platforms, locate and tap the settings button at the bottom of the main conference list.

To sync your agenda with the Channel 9 website, you must login with your Microsoft Account (formerly Microsoft Live).

3. Link Account

Link your new EventBoard account to your Channel 9 account here:
Linking your accounts will enable the syncing of your agenda with the Channel 9 website.

4. Pin it!

Users of Windows Phone and Windows 8 should try pinning their favorite events to their home screens for direct access.

5. Provide Session Feedback

If your event is collecting feedback, you will see a feedback button in the details of each session after that session has started. The feedback button is only enabled if you are logged in and the session has started.


I've refreshed my data on Windows 8, but still see the old information. Now what?

A process is running in the background that will detect new changes and empower the refresh. You can wait a few minutes and try to refresh again, or if you want to force an immediate update, return to the conference list and refresh the list first. This will ensure you have all the latest event options. Now enter the event and refresh from the bottom app bar. New session information should now be available.

I've linked my accounts but don't see my agenda from the Channel 9 website yet. What should I do?

After linking your account, it may take several minutes before your agenda is collected from the Channel 9 Events website. If you do not want to wait, logging out of the Ch9 Events app and logging back in will download your agenda immediately.

I don't think I'm seeing the latest schedule. Do I need an update?

To allow Ch9 Events to work offline, the entire schedule is downloaded to your device and cached for offline viewing. When new schedule changes are detected, the refresh button in the upper right hand corner of the session list will glow and pulse, encouraging you to grab the latest changes. You can tap this refresh button at anytime to ensure that you have the latest information. (On Windows 8, the refresh button is in the bottom app bar.)

Where do I fill out the session feedback survey?

If your event is collecting session feedback, tap the session listing to view the session’s details. A feedback button can be found here once a session has started.

I see a feedback button but it is not enabled. Why not?

The feedback button is invisible or disabled until a session has started and you must be logged in to the application to enable the feedback option.

What if I already built my schedule on the Channel 9 website?

The agenda you created in the online schedule will appear in the “My Agenda” section of EventBoard. Sessions you add or remove from your agenda in EventBoard will be added or removed from your schedule on the website.

How do I add or remove items on my agenda?

Open a session’s details and tap the heart icon in the upper right hand corner to add or remove it from your agenda. A red heart means the item has been added.

Where is my agenda on Windows 8?

While viewing the session list, select the "My Agenda" option in the bottom app bar. To return to the full list of sessions, select "Show All" in the bottom app bar.

I've used EventBoard before, do I need to create another account for Ch9?

No. If you can already logon to the Ch9 Events app with an existing EventBoard account, you only need to link that email address here:

How do I login on Windows 8?

Open EventBoard and reveal the charms bar on the right, then select the Settings charm. From there, select "Account".

I'm still having trouble, what should I do?

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